Cloud Applications

We have wide experience of cloud applications and migrations to them, having run our own operations on the leading cloud ERP system, NetSuite, for 12 years, and on Google Apps for 8 years.

Among the cloud services we deploy are

  • Microsoft Office 365,
  • Google Apps
  • NetSuite
  • Egnyte
  • Meraki Wifi
  • Mimecast.

We also have extensive experience with server-level cloud technologies, such as vCloud, Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is an online version of the widely-used Microsoft Office suite, offering web-browser versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. These allow users to work on documents through both the normal desktop apps and any web browser, a useful benefit for mobile and home workers.

Office 365 also allows users to work together on the same documents, handling simultaneous edits and avoiding version control nightmares.

We can help you with Office 365 pricing, so you understand how your number of users and required storage space affects the price, and can choose the Office 365 subscription that best suits your needs.


Google Apps


Google Apps is a suite of online applications that is an alternative to Microsoft Office, including Gmail, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing apps.

Unlike Office 365, Google Apps is entirely web based. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between these suites and we can provide expert guidance in the selection and deployment of them.




NetSuite is web-based ERP system that can run your whole business, avoiding complex integrations or spreadsheets to link data between separate applications.

Unlike its contemporary Salesforce, NetSuite covers accounting, CRM, email marketing, ecommerce, project management, support ticketing, and much more out of a single database and application. It is highly customisable and modular, so you see (and pay for) just what you need. You can extend the built-in functionality with scripting and APIs and even build new applications on it.

This means that your business is highly unlikely to find itself boxed in and limited by its software, a fate with most ERP or specialist applications.

We have run our business on NetSuite since 2004.




Would your business be able to continue functioning without email? Today, the answer is ‘no’ for almost every company.

Email security and continuity are high on the agenda for most businesses, which is why we use Mimecast Cloud Email Management to ensure that our clients can continue to use their email should an email server fail or go offline. Mimecast also provides extensive email archiving through cloud-based storage for easy recall of communication.

The Mimecast suite of services provides total end-to-end control of business email, minimising risk and reducing cost and complexity.





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